DR KDSS Front KDSS Bushing Bracket - 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX460

DR KDSS Front KDSS Bushing Bracket - 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX460

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This Dr KDSS bushing bracket for the front kdss sway bar on a 4r or gx is a game changer.  The purpose of this bracket is to allow for adjustments when needed.  

When you lift up a front end of a 4r with kdss or a gx460 , at around the 2” height the angles of the sway bar interfacing with the outer end bushing starts to get out of wack.  Basically a bind occurs which creates resistances for the sway bar to slide in and out of the bushing during suspension cycle.  These brackets will allow one to correct that angle so that the bushing bind is non existent!  

Another way to utilize these Drkdss brackets is to combine them with the kdss adapters.  The kdss adapters were also designed to correct a bad bushing angle as well as allows full droop when you have shocks that allow more down travel over stock.  The way this bracket is utilized is one does not have to modify the Drkdss bushing bracket like they do when running the oem bracket combined with the adapter!!   Oem bracket and adapters means you must cut off the hooks in order for the oem bracket to mount to adapters.  

In some what of the same scenario as above where you are utilizing the adapters to correct the bushing angle as well as maximizing full droop. If you decide to run a low ride height , the adapters create a slight over clocking of the bushing angle.  This is where the combo of the adapters and Drkdss bushing bracket come into play.  The Drkdss bracket allows one to adjust the over clocking out!  

Another way the Drkdss bracket is utilized is for people who are already committed to the front kdss drop spacer ( treatyoak) and don’t want to run my adapters. In many cases people do to not want to spend more money ,  don’t understand the difference of adapters vs drop spacer , don’t understand how the adapters work more efficiently over drop spacer or just don’t want to run adapters and ok with keeping the sway bar low they can use these Drkdss brackets to correct the bushing angle.  

…and last , even a oem setup with no lift can benefit from the Drkdss bushing bracket  especially if one is doing their own maintenance and removing the front sway bar   The Drkdss bushing bracket allows for a way easier install do to the long slotted radius mounting hole.   

…with all that said above , the color options allows for some personalized customizing to the front end!!

20%  restock fee no exception. Know what you are buying.   

Important :  gold may or may not come out exactly the same as in pictures   Sometimes it’s orange gold sometimes it yellow gold   It’s the hardest color to powder coat as it get a chrome base with 2 stages of clear / candy gold

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