DR KDSS B.O.T.C.K Bolt On Trackbar Correction Kit - 4th/5th Gen Toyota 4Runner/Lexus GX460470

DR KDSS B.O.T.C.K Bolt On Trackbar Correction Kit - 4th/5th Gen Toyota 4Runner/Lexus GX460470

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Works for both KDSS and non-KDSS vehicles. 

Designed to fit all Prado 120/150 platform vehicles - 2003 - 2023 Toyota 4Runner, 2007 - 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2003 - 2009 Lexus GX470, 2010 - 2023 Lexus GX460 

When you lift a solid axle that has a rear track bar also known as a rear pan hard bar, depending on the lift height, the angle of that track bar becomes so steep, that any natural cycling of the axle will cause a feeling of being unstable.  The reason for this is the track bar being so angled, it forces the axle to swing left and right under the vehicle vs the axle cycling up and down.  

To remedy this issue, you want to raise ( or lower frame side ) the pivot point on the axle so that the track bar is parallel or as close to parallel to the ground / axle.   With the track bar in this configuration , the natural cycling of up and down is returned ( for the most part , once you start to add a lot more travel ie long travel , things start to swing out again.   Regardless , this will still be beneficial to having vs not having ). 

In this market, there has only really been one option for this Toyota / Lexus market.  It’s a weld on version. This new option opens up the market to allow one to easily install it themselves with simple common tools.  Not everyone has access to a welder or even access to some one that can weld.  With that said , you are still basically relying on the weld/ welder knowing what he’s doing by welding on a thicker piece of metal to the top of a thinner wall metal and In hopes of it not failing.  For the most part , it will not fail but All the load is being spread only along the weld.  

This new bolt on track bar correction kit is designed with strength in mind.  The way it is designed, wrapped around , thick wing nut inside the oem bracket , the load is evenly distributed along the whole oem mount and not just the top where the welds are at.  On top of that you can easily toss in Some small spot welds if you are that guy that just needs it.  This thing is easily installed and or removed for whatever reason.  Just being bolted on and toque down properly, it is stronger then what’s on the market. 

This product is really only recommended for lifts of 2”-3”+ of rear lift.  In some cases this bracket can contact the crossmember.   If it does, rest assure that you won’t break the oem mount or this brackets.   I can’t say that for the weld on option in the market as it will transfer the load through oem mount and potentially rip off!!   


HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU WANT/need  A SHORTY.  On a flat surface   Measure from the ground up to the center of the bolt on the frame side.  Then do the same thing on the axle side.  Subtract the two measurements and if that number is 2.75” or below I am recommending the shorty other wise you get the standard height version and end up running the bottom hole  which means you have extra metal on top top.   

the shorty version is for guys that need maximum up travel for oem bump travel or higher speed setup. Typically if you have some extended travel kings or fox shocks.  Those shocks have a little more travel but also still maintain oem bump travel.  If you want to maximize your shocks then you want the shorty.  Now if you have a really tall ride height (2.5” or taller in the rear ) then you ultimately need the regular height version as the very top 2nd hole is going to put your trackbar/ pan hard bar back into a more natural state ( parallel to the ground or close ).  

Gold and King blue option are 2/3 stage powder coat. You may experience tight mounting holes do to clear coat.   Don’t worry.  Get a round file and file it down a little or smash it in.  I recommend round file 😆!  

What's included :

- main front bracket  - back bracket - wing nut - (1x)m14 x 1.5 x 80mm flange head bolt - (1x) m14 x1.5 x 40mm flange head bolt - (1x) m14x35 flange head bolt - (1x) m14x1.5 flange nut - m14 washer.

Important :  gold may or may not come out exactly the same as in pictures   Sometimes it’s orange gold sometimes it yellow gold   It’s the hardest color to powder coat as it get a chrome base with 2 stages of clear / candy gold  

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